Created by Soul Path Living 2011 David is starting his new workshop series: Owning Your Human Experience for Teens       Over 3 Sessions Thursday September 11th 6-8 pm Saturday September 13th 9-11:30 am Thursday September 18th 6-8 pm Golden, CO Are You an Energetically Sensitive Teen that is Struggling with this Energetically Dense World? or Do You Know One? Let's Shift Their or Your Experience from Struggling to Thriving! I am so excited to offer you my Teen programs!  As a former teacher and high school coach I have seen first hand what the new generation on this planet is facing.  I have had the pleasure of helping many teens find their power and learn how to navigate in what often feels like somebody else's world. Do You Often Feel Like... -My Peers and Teachers don't get me. -I don't get how other people see the world. -I don't feel powerful in my world. -I don't have somebody to talk to about how I experience the world that experiences the world in the same way. -Maybe, you even feel like you must be from another planet! I had the gift of working with Teens just like you for five years in middle and high school settings. The transformation I saw in these young people was inspiring!  I have created a series of workshops for teens to assist you in: -Feeling Your Powerful Energy and learning to work with it rather than struggle with it! -Connecting with other Teens like You. -Understanding the Energetically Dense. (You may know them as Jerks!) -Understanding Why You are Here and Important! -Being Excited about Life! -Validating your Ability to see through the illusions of others! -Sleeping Better!                                                                                      David Aron Waldas M.S.Ed. Why Work with Me? I have helped many young people just like you.  In fact I am just like you.  It has taken me a long time to find my power in the world and understanding of why I am here.  You don't need to learn through suffering! Let me share what I have learned in my life, the same teachings I have shared with many other teens that guided them to change their Human Experience. Let's Start with my first workshop: Owning Your Human Experience for Teens  We will meet at my office in Golden, CO Thursday September 11th  6-8 PM, Saturday September 13th  9-11:30 AM  and Thursday September 18th 6-8 PM. Investment: $200 Sign up today to secure your spot: Feedback from Prior Students: "Personally, I have really been able to find myself...I have been able to explore myself on a more personal level. To find things that are so deep in me and anger I've kept through the years that has been able to be released.  Socially, if I am I am in an uncomfortable position I can take a few deep breaths and everything is fine.  Also, I am better at reading people.  They could not say anything but I could still feel their vibrations.  Intellectually I have developed a cleaner mind and am able to concentrate easier...It's great!" "I can fall asleep better than before, which has helped a lot... I can sit still and pay attention in classes a lot longer.... It helped me stay calm and stuff, I really like it... I feel more cleansed...I have gained the fact that I am able to control my ADD by myself." "I have changed a lot from this class...I have learned not to be jumpy and hyper and it helps at home when I have to take care of two little (brothers)... (before)my friends use to ask me if I had an energy drink before we hung out but now we get along much better because I am not jumping around so much!...In classes I'm paying more attention and getting all my work done. I'm not getting in trouble anymore.  It helps so much!...I really enjoy being calm and not hyper all the time... I would say it is important to really be one with the earth and to take time to really reflect on you and your world.  I would also say that it's important to realize all the bad feelings you have bunched up inside of you and release them.  It really helps to lay down and clear all thoughts of anything." "My friends and family have noticed a difference in me since I have been taking this class.  They say that I am a lot happier and calmer.  They also said I seem more myself... I have also gained more control of my emotions" I look forward to working with you, David Aron Waldas MS.Ed. Come join us for this vibrational raising experience!