Created by Soul Path Living 2011 Intentionally Owning Your Human Experience Over 3 Thursdays, January 15th, 22nd, and 29th 1800 Jackson st rm 208 Golden, CO  7-9:30 pm Are you Ready to Surrender to the Divine Wisdom of the Universe? Accomplished teacher and healer David Aron Waldas thought he knew how to work with his chakras. He was wrong, and what he found out blew his mind and changed his life. In this workshop he will share these breakthroughs with you.   This workshop is about unburdening your heart and connecting with your truth.  Between the energy downloads, meditations, and personal work David will share, you are guaranteed to change how you interact with yourself and the world.  We will call in the assistance of the Universe as we surrender to its Cosmic Wisdom.   You will gather tools, create flow by both releasing and calling in, as well as find empowerment in why you are here on this planet at this time. Come co- create with Spirit!  This is an opportunity to work in a small group situation with Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Healer David Aron Waldas.  Come join us for this vibrational raising experience! Sign up today to secure your spot: 3 Part Workshop Series $200