A little bit about David   David Aron and his wife Tracy have been partners in life for over 17 years as they have each found their way along their Souls’ journeys. They live together with their two very awake daughters Olivia Lee and Ava Jane In Golden Colorado, set against the foothills of the Rockies just outside of Denver.  As a family, their favorite activities are spending time in the outdoors, traveling, and enjoying their direct connection with spirit.  David Aaron and Tracy are both certified teachers and have spent many years in the education field.  They combined their love for teaching and connecting with people with their love for Spirit when they created Soul Path Living, a metaphysical center they ran for several years in both Conifer and Evergreen, Colorado. David grew up in Central New York as an agnostic.  From early on he did not create his belief system based on faith but rather experientially.  In hindsight he can see his gifts were alive as a child and throughout his teenage and young adult years.  Yet, they were so deeply part of him he did not recognize how he was different.  David’s clear awakening came when he was in his mid-thirties.  He skeptically visited a psychic named Sandra Argus.  Her accuracy and detail left no room for any other conclusion, “This Is Real!”  David experienced a total paradigm shift.  By the next morning he was hearing voices and receiving direct practical guidance that proved to be completely accurate and instantly verifiable. Spirit has worked with David to develop his gifts and the unique ways his work has evolved and fine tuned.  It has been a journey of complete dedication to his path and why he is here on this planet..